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Making websites that work for your business

Individual Web Design, designs and develops high quality and cost effective websites for a diverse range of clients based in Wiltshire, UK. Whether you require a simple brochure based website, an online shop or a complex database application, you can rely on Individual Web Design to utilise leading technologies to produce an attractive and distinctive design, with clear site navigation, engaging interactivity, speed, compatibility and targeted content.

We provide a complete service - researching your competitors websites, creating fast, attractive, easy to use designs, taking care of web hosting, search engine optimisation, and site maintenance.

We offer complete web design and hosting packages for a fixed price or a bespoke design service to suit your business needs.

Using only the very latest in design technology equipment we make sure your website looks great on all platforms including different third party browsers so visitors always get a great view and see your company in a great dynamic way.

We create impressive custom online applications for our clients' businesses. We take pride in providing ongoing support and development for all of our web projects. Unlike some other web design companies we do more than just code your application - we seek to understand your business and how it work.CMS systems. We take pride in providing ongoing support and development for all of our web projects. Unlike some other web design companies we do more than just code your application - we seek to understand your business and how it work. Bespoke or off the shelf ecommerce solutions that are easy to use and pleasing to look at. Whether you are selling your products from home or aspire to be the next Amazon we have a solution that can help you achieve this.

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We support all our web site customers.

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We mainly use web safe colours for our websites this gives the most stable result in web development.What Are Web Safe Colors? Web Safe, or Browser Safe palettes as they are also referred to, consist of 216 colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistent on any computer monitor, or web browser, capable of displaying at least 8-bit color (256 colors). The reason why this palette contains only 216 colors, instead of the maximum 256 colors, is that only 216 out of the basic 256 colors will display exactly the same on all computers.

Why is this?

This discrepancy is similar to what happens when a Windows user opens a word processor document created on a Macintosh (or vice versa) and sees a lot of odd characters in place of the expected punctuation marks and other extended characters. While the basic character set of lowercase and upper case characters and numerals map identically on all platforms, each computer platform treats some extended characters, like ampersands, foreign currency symbols, accented characters, and so forth, differently. And so a proper curly quote mark on one computer platform might be a pound sign on another. This happens with colors as well, so what is gray on a Windows monitor, might display pale yellow on a Macintosh browser. In the same way that there are common characters and numbers that are consistent among computer platforms, so there are colors that display the same. These are what we call Web Safe colors.

Before I get any deeper into this, let me backtrack for a moment. Where did Web Safe colors come from in the first place?

In the olden days, (ten or so years ago), most computers were only capable of displaying a maximum of 256 colors at one time. There were many reasons for these color limitations, the high cost of video RAM being the foremost. Most early video/graphics cards had between 128 and 512K of video RAM, or enough to display 16 to 256 colors. To display more colors, more RAM is needed.

The 256 colors were determined by a mathematical formula, rather than their aesthetic qualities. These colors needed to be described in no more than 8 bits of computer information, which by no coincidence is 256. The colors in this basic palette would display solid (and not dithered) on specific platform's monitors that were capable of displaying 256 colors. This basic palette of 256 colors contains the 216 we now call the Web Safe palette, although in the days when the basic palette was devised the web was not available for the public to use. And as I mentioned earlier, the major computer platform developers did not use all of the same 256 colors. Microsoft could have used the same palette, but nooooooooooo! They had to do it their way. And what is their way? Microsoft starts with black and ends with white. The opposite direction used by Netscape. Are we surprised? This is a little like the question is this glass half full or half empty? In the first group of 36 colors, all colors contain 0% blue. (You might say they are blue component-challenged). The blue component increases by 20% ending at 100% blue in the last group of 36 colors.

The red component in the Internet Explorer palette increases from left to right while the green increases from top to bottom. In each successive group of colors, the initial colors remain the same, but the blue component increases by increments of 20%. The difference then between the two palettes is that the Explorer palette plots the starting value of 0 for both red and green from top left outward, while the Netscape palette plots 0 for the blue component top left and plots 0 for green bottom left.

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JamesFulford Owner of Smart Colours Salisbury
I'm very happy with your services. I have an excellent website built from scratch and I'm 100% happy.
Stewart Becker Strategic Coordinator
A fantastic website thanks to all the hard work at Individual Web Design Salisbury .They have given my business the edge we require in todays market.

Creativity, Professional and Effective Solutions for your Business.


Our design agency creates brands, printed literature and websites for businesses in Salisbury Wiltshire, Hampshire and throughout the UK. The design studio is a short drive from Newcastle, where our talented team of designers and web designers help deliver the best customer experiences possible.

From brochure to retail and fully content managed or bespoke website systems, we can build something that’s just right for you. We also create apps and software for business. Our designers will create a website or application that reflects your business, a look and feel that creates the right impression with visitors time and time again. We’ll never talk to you in jargon. We keep the geek chat strictly in-house!.

Your website will function perfectly, giving your customers the best in online experiences. They’ll find it easy to look around, will keep coming back and they’ll recommend you to others. Our data capture and statistics will help you to understand who your website visitors are, what they’re looking for and how to better serve their needs. Adapting and refining what you offer to fit different market demands will keep you ahead of the competition.